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ASK THE DOCTOR, Yoga Therapy Workshop

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ASK THE DOCTOR, Yoga Therapy Workshop

Individualize your poses for therapeutic response in your body with Dr. Paula Barros, a chiropractor and yoga practitioner of over 40 years. Learn how to customize asanas (postures of yoga) with more personal attention to what your body needs, while honoring the emotional and spiritual manifestations of balance within.

Dr. Paula Barros will explore the alignment principles taught in the Iyengar/Anusara methods of Hatha yoga to assist both teachers and students in refining their practice. She will be breaking down poses for different body styles and ailments and giving you the tools to heal your body through yoga.

Bring your questions, concerns, unresolved injuries and so much more to share. We will practice together and find the middle way back to vibrant health.

Length: 2.5 hours

Opening: March 10, 2pm

Teacher: Dr. Paula Barros

Price: $45 / $50 day of

Yoga Therapy is YOGA for all of us… We all need to balance the alignment of body & mind with vibrant spirit. This yoga therapy gathering will answer your basic questions, about how to feel better in your own body, no matter what your health history involves

Join Dr. Paula Barros for a therapeutic yoga class for all ages and levels. Learn how yoga can be used to meet your needs in recovering from injury, addressing specific ailments and in promoting health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This class will also invite participants into a mindul breathing practice and provide specific information on maintaining health and vitality. Bring your specific questions and concerns and we will desing a practice together that will address them with well guided and anatomically sound yoga solutions.

Paula Barros is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1976. Paula has a natural ability to inspire others, and uses her gentle manner in her teaching to promote the development of positive lifestyles. For more information, visit clearyoga.com or contact Paula at drpaula@clearyoga.com or (530) 521-3373