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PureJoy Yoga


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to yoga, would I be able to participate in your yoga classes?

Yes. Yoga is for everybody and every body. We offer mroe than 10 classes per week geared toward beginning students. Check out the 9 am and 4:15 pm classes Monday – Friday, or head to Yoga Basics on Fridays at 5:30 pm.

Check out our Beginner Class Offerings

Is there a way to try a class without signing up?

New students are always welcome to pay after their first class for either a drop-in class ($12) or sign up for our New Student Promotion, Free Week + Mini Private Session

Come to New Student Orientation and receive a free class pass!

New Student Orientation Schedule

I've tried gym yoga... What's the difference?

For one, the atmosphere. Our studio is designed to accommodate a quiet and contemplative practice in a beautiful space. Yup, that means no one will be walking in to grab weights and distract you, or crazy music come from the spin class next door.

Our teachers also have at least 200 hours of training and are registered with Yoga Alliance. Most have many more continuing education hours, and we teach yoga poses, philosophy, and how to live a better life. We view yoga as more than a workout at the gym, though we do have some quite intense classes on our schedule.

What do I need to bring with me and wear to yoga class?

Nobody wants to show up overdressed! Come in something you can move comfortably in, and embrace that you found another excuse to wear yoga pants. Pack a mat, towel, and bottle of water with you. There are cubbies in the studio to leave your valuables, but make sure to ditch those shoes in the lobby and turn the cell phone off. You’ll love becoming a barefoot warrior.

Do we have to be quiet?

Short answer, yes please! Your fellow students and teacher will thank you for saving your questions until the end of class so everyone has a peaceful experience.

What is your kids policy?

We love our littlest yogis. See our Kids Policy page

What is your late policy?

We know, traffic can get rough in Yuba City! Our late policy is designed to keep the distractions to a minimum in the practice, so we do close the doors 5 minutes after class begins.

If you think you may be late, go ahead and call the studio, so one of our teachers, staff or ambassadors can get a mat set up for you. Our phone number is 530-673-9642

Do I need to sign up before each class?

Nope, just show up! Our Front Desk team will get you all checked in. If it is your first time, we will have a liability waiver for you to sign.

We offer online scheduling for your convenience, but it is not necessary for you to sign up before class. You can always walk in before class starts. Doors open 30 minutes before each class and close 5 minutes after.

If you are a new student, signing up online and setting up an account helps speed up the process. You can always walk in and fill out the liability waiver once you are here! Create and account

Do I have to download the app?

Nope. It makes it convenient to access your account, but there is no obligation for you to download anything to your smart phone.

Just click out of the “Download App” box and navigate to the schedule or workshops to see the Class Schedule.

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are so many, we dedicated a whole page to it! Click here to learn more.

What's up with the heated classes?

We offer heated vinyassa classes Monday – Friday at 7 pm. The studio gets up to 90 degrees and provides an additional challenge to the practice along with the detoxifying benefits of sweating it out!

Our classes don’t get as crazy as the hot flow classes in bigger cities or the Bikram method. Our owners have done their research and the risks outweigh the benefits. We encourage safety and longevity in our students’ practices.

Two blocks, a blanket and a strap?

Yup, every time you walk in grab these props on the back wall in the studio and keep them handy. We may or may not use them, but it’s better to have them nearby than to have to go fetch them during the practice.

I'm a Christian. Can I practice yoga?

We firmly believe that yoga is for everybody and should lead one closer to their truth, rather than away from it. Some of our students believe that yoga class is the perfect place to pray. Yoga always encourages us to keep an open mind and open heart, be compassionate to others, and follow our truth.