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4 Tips to Starting Yoga

4 Tips to Starting Yoga

Tools to be successful with your yoga practice

Let go of expectation. The practice of yoga is done on your own mat, drawing your attention inward. There is no expectation on you by the teacher or other students to be able to do every pose – or do it “perfectly.” At PureJoy, we believe the “perfect” pose is the one you are in, when you are in your body and in your breath. For some, that may look like laying in Corpse Pose the entire class, and that is OK! Some days you may be full of energy and others not so much. Be ready to roll with the ebbs and flow of life and take the tension off yourself to get it “right.”

Child's Pose { Sanskrit: Balasana }

Child’s Pose { Sanskrit: Balasana }

Take care of your body. Yoga is about bringing awareness into your body and mind. Finding the places in life where you are pushing too hard, or maybe not enough, are what yoga and meditation can help you assess. Pushing too hard through a vinyasa class may lead to injury, so we ask that you respect your body and listen to what it is telling you. If you fall out of your breath (meaning becoming short of breath or panting), take Child’s Pose until you feel ready to come back. Again, there is no judgement in the studio and no expectations on you.

Have a little fun. Attempt what your mind might not think is possible. If you fall out of a balancing pose, laugh at yourself. Life is too short to be so serious. If you consistently beat yourself up for not doing it “right,” you will make yourself miserable. Play around with what works for you and what you need to work on. Our minds will continue to limit us until we prove them wrong. What do you say, let’s prove them wrong!

There is no “right” way. We all come to our mats for different reasons and at different points in our life. Our journeys in this life are uniquely our own. Everybody and every body is uniquely different and will align in different ways. At PureJoy, we attempt to move past the duality of life, the “right” and “wrong,” and into a place of compassion for all and respect of individuals and their journeys.

“After my first class, a power vinyasa class, I left feeling sensations in my body that I had never felt before and instantly fell in love. The goal of coming to the mat is just that, to be you on your mat and in the moment. You will be your central focus throughout the class. It is never a competition between practitioners. The common reason that people give for not practicing yoga is that they are not flexible. The irony is that yoga can help create flexibility in the body, and the mind. Some yogis start by not being able to touch their toes, and through practice see their bodies become limber and strong.”

– Jesi Young, Owner of PureJoy Yoga

4 Steps to PureJoy: Starting Your Yoga Journey

  1. Visit PureJoy Yoga to get a studio tour and fill out paperwork (can do before first class)
  2. Attend a Yoga Basics class
  3. Enroll in the $30 for 30 Days promotion and take beginner classes
  4. Take the 30 days to see how much you like to practice, then ask a PureJoy Ambassador which pricing package is right for you based off your monthly practice.

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