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10 Reasons to Stop, Drop & Yoga

10 Reasons to Stop, Drop & Yoga

“Excuse me, are we going to do this??” squeaks your yoga mat from the backseat. You pause, thinking of every excuse to put yourself last on the list. Your mind makes some good arguments — he is the rational one here, you know. You agree that your needs and self care are the least important things to take care of and keep driving.

Ever happen to you?

The next time your mind wants to debate, go ahead and remember this list, chalk full of the rational for why you should get on your mat and back in touch with your breath.

1. You’re in a bad mood.

Your boss did this. So-and-so said this. Your mind loves to repeat the story. Yoga is the perfect place to give your mind a break and shift some of that negative energy. Yoga holds a pretty strong record of having students leave feeling better than when they walked in.
Best class: Vinyasa Flow

2. You’re busy.

Like super busy. Like you’re lucky to have ate busy. This is a sure sign you need to head to your mat. Rather than running around like a chicken with its head, um you know the phrase, start to move through your to-do list with intention and ease. We promise, using that hour to get back in touch will help you get through the rest of your day calmer, more focused, and revived.
Best class: Restorative Yoga

3. You have to make a decision.

Take the promotion, sell the house, change the kids’ school? Create some space around your next decision by taking to the mat. Your answers may show up as a moment of clarity in your practice. You may even notice your feelings around the decision start to change, like less stress and anxiety.

Best class: Power Yoga or Hot Flow

4. Your body has been stagnant all.day.long.

And the last thing it needs is to sit some more. The effects of sitting on the body not only affect posture and spinal health, but consistently rounding the lower back to fill up your chair keeps you in that low energy of the parasympathetic nervous system. You may walk in feeling like you’d prefer a yoga nap hour class. Thankfully, your body will respond with surges of energy.

Best class: Beginner Flow or Gentle

5. Your mind is racing.

Ever get caught in that cycle of never-ending thoughts? Where the same thoughts keep coming in and out like your grandma’s broken record player keeps skipping. The yogis have a word for that, it is Chitta, or mind stuff. It’s so important to recognize and move away from these fluctuations that the SECOND Yoga Sutra addresses it. Yoga and meditation both help you to stop identifying with those thoughts and let them go. Imagine being free from that cycle.

Best class: Kundalini or Hot Power

6. Your mat is turning into an antique.

You were totally into it, and then you stopped. Now your magic carpet, better known as your yoga mat, is in the closet or your trunk collecting dust. You know how your body feels with yoga, but you’re not quite sure how to get back into it. Most students have an ebb and flow to their practice before they decide to committ wholeheartedly. Unroll you r mat, bring your toes to the top, close your eyes and breathe. It’s that easy.

Best class: Yoga Basics or Beginner Flow

7. You made a committment to yourself.

And you are important. Making a committment of 10 classes when you are new is the best idea to really experience yoga in your body during the first month. Set realistic goals with your practice and committ. If you get detoured, recommit.

Best class: Yin

8. Your day has been great.

Keep it going. Yoga invites us to show up for it all.

Best class: Vinyasa Flow

9. You have free time.

Why not fill it with self-care? Grab a tea, get your nails done and head to your mat.

Best class: Any

10. You just got a new mat.

Break that bad boy in! It’s a great feeling to have a new partner in crime, a new friend to get to know, and a safety net to catch you if you fall. Sometimes a new mat can inspire your practice more than any Rumi quote!

Best class: Ashtanga(ish)