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Core Values

PureJoy Yoga


Who We Are

PureJoy Yoga + Wellness is a pillar in the community, providing a safe place for the practice of yoga and wellbeing. We continually improve our services, offerings, trainings, and facilities to be the best in our industries. We approach our trades with open hearts, creating an accepting and compassionate place for people to grow, thrive and heal. We are leaders in our industries, paving the way for others and coaching them along the way. Our work is done methodically and to the highest standards of our industries as we provide those around us with an experience of “PureJoy.”

Our Core Values

KAIZEN – Continuous improvement through small, incremental changes. We are constantly evolving and unfolding into better versions of ourselves, through study, experience, mindfulness, and continued education.

EXCELLENCE – We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our industries, and provide students, guests, clients, coworkers, and others with an excellent experience in our presence.

SAFETY – Providing a safe place for the practice of yoga and wellbeing. We choose not to infringe our beliefs on others, we encourage safety in classes and trainings, and we refer out when our scope of practice no longer serves.

ACCEPTANCE & COMPASSION – PureJoy is a warm and accepting place in the Yuba-Sutter region. We accept others as they come to the practice and receive wellness services and welcome them into our community. There is no space at PureJoy for making others feel less-than or not welcome. We meet others with a sense of compassion, honoring the divine light that we all share.

YAMAS & NIYAMAS – We uphold and strive towards the values as outlined in Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras:

Ahimsa – Non-violence
Satya – Truthfulness
Asteya – Non-stealing
Brahmacharya – Right use of energy
Aparigraha – Non-greed
Saucha – Cleanliness
Santosha – Contentment without inaction
Tapas – Inner wisdom, discipline, spiritual maturity
Svadhyaya – Self-study and inquiry
Ishwara Pranidhana – Contemplation of a higher power, surrender